Organic Fair Trade

The Fair Trade USA program seeks to empower family farmers and workers around the world, while enriching the lives of those struggling in poverty. Through direct equitable trade, farming and working families are able to eat better, keep their children in school, improve health and housing, and invest in the future. Keeping families, local economies, the natural environment, and the larger community stronger today and for generations to come; these are the results we seek through fair trade. Our organic coffee is imported through farmers that follow a defined set of standards to produce organic food. These standards cover the product from farm to table, including soil and water wuality, pest control, and rules for food additives. Organic farmers and processors preserve natural resources and biodiversity, do not use genetically modified ingredients, receive annual on site inspections.

We believe the rise of the conscious consumer will cause a fundamental shift in the way companies do business and create a historic opportunity to reward companies that embrace sustainability.